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Pad Up creations are producers of washable and reusable sanitary pads. These sanitary wares are environmentally friendly and are produce to reduce the consumption of disposable sanitary pads and to encourage low carbon lifestyle. The components of disposable wares  include plastics, synthetic fibers, rayon, gel etc which are 90% polythene and takes up 200- 500 years to decompose while some end up as landfills or in oceans, rivers etc, affecting our environment and causing pollution. To address the sanitary waste, Pad Up Creations introduce washable and reusable sanitary wares which can be use for some years before discarding. A typical Nigerian woman will burn her disposable sanitary pads after use in belief that it could be use for diabolic reasons and some think it is the more “hygienic way”. For example a period that last for four days require a minimum of 12 pads, of which every month 12 pads are discarded through burning in which it releases toxic chemicals to the environment or counting the years since you started your periods in your early teens until the present age. Now, calculate the amount of disposable wares you have used in your life time. Everyone can make their own small personal contribution to the reduction of waste from disposable pads by switching to Pad Up washable and reusable menstrual products which is eco-friendly.

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