Washable pad Vs Disposable pad

  • Aug, 11 2020 10:04
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Research has show that more than 500 million pads are discarded into land every month.  This is as a result of technology and innovations which has become a blessing and a curse to humanity at the same time. However, this is determined by the way we choose to use this technology and innovations.
In recent times, innovations have brought the production of sanitary wears into existence, which have become the best solution to menstrual care as against the huge array of options available in time pass such as sponges, elephant dung, rabbit fur, leaves and clothing and other available options. However, these inventions have continued to pose a serious threat to humanity unknowingly. 
It is important to know that technology and innovation have also brought the production of washable and reusable sanitary pads to set off disposable sanitary pad. And one of the companies making waves in producing washable and reusable pad is pad-up creations limited.
Pad-Up creations limited is one of the leading companies is Africa producing washable and reusable sanitary pad, and it has produced and distributed over one million kits across the globe, providing a sustainable sanitary solution for women and girl child.
Therefore, we want to make a quick evaluation of disposable pads and pad-up washable and reusable sanitary pad in terms of environment, economics and ease of use.
The Environment
Washable: When considering the environment, pad-up menstrual kits is much friendlier to the environment than the disposables. Because a kit can last for a very long period of time, minimum of 1 year and maximum of 3 years. With this the environment is save from disposable pads that goes into it every day.
Disposable: There are a lot of sanitary pads that goes into the soil every day or burnt on a daily bases and these disposables do not degrade for at least 500 years, that’s a lot of harmful waste. These waste are not only generated when these pads are being dispose, they are generated from the manufacturing packaging and shipping. And on an average, a women use 12,000 to 16,000 pads or panty liners in a life time.

Disposable: The disposable sanitary pads are not pocket friendly; they consume a lot of money every month. Let’s assume a woman menstruate for 30 years, buys 2 packs of disposable pads at the rate of 450 naira per pack and 900 naira every month. In 30 years time, she would have spent roughly 324,000. However, not everyone can afford that amount of money; they go for other alternative which is not healthy for the body. 
Washable: The pad-up menstrual kit is the best solution to spending of money monthly on sanitary pads. Pad-up menstrual kits can be used for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years as long as you follow the use and care instructions. Let’s assume you spend 788 naira which is the company price for the luxury kit, and you use it for a period of 1 year, at the end of the year, you will discover that you spend only 65 naira each month on pad-up menstrual kit. This is a very strong reason why you should switch to pad-up menstrual kit and save loads of money. 
You can try the mathematics yourself.

Health Benefits
Disposable:  The disposable pads contains a lot of pesticides and chemicals that are not body friendly, this chemical find their ways into the body freely and cause different kind of infections unknowingly to the woman.  This infection becomes difficult to treat because it is uncertain what exactly these chemicals are because the companies producing these pads do not disclose the items they use in making them. Therefore, using disposable pads are not healthy.
Washable: The pad-up menstrual kit are 100% chemical free, this is because they are made from fabrics. They do not irritate the skin or cause any infection on the body. What you need to do is to wash after use and make sure they dry properly. With this, you are sure of your health status when it comes to menstruation.                    

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