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The age of restorative and regenerative brands is taking center stage. In an era of heightened environmental challenges and climate change in the daily news, there’s mounting evidence consumers are differentiating brands by their authenticity, values and sustainability credentials at an unprecedented rate.

After 4 years of commitment to quality, consumers’ satisfaction and brand values, Pad-Up Creations Limited is currently the first and only company in Nigeria to get NAFDAC certification for Washable and Reusable sanitary pads- The Pad-Up Menstrual Kit.


Pad-Up Creations Limited is the first in Nigeria to start manufacturing washable and reusable sanitary pads as a sustainable solution for girls/women. The company which have sold over 1 million kits across 15 African countries have created 103 permanent jobs for the Nigerian youth. The company has over 15,000 registered distributors across Africa. They also have educated over 500,000 girls and women about menstrual hygiene and reproductive health.

Pad-Up Creations Limited has also partnered many local and international organisations, not only to produce and distribute washable and reusable sanitary pads for girls/women but have also trained over 200 women on sustainable and self reliant skills.

On speaking with the CEO of Pad-Up Creations Limited, Mrs. Olivia Onyemaobi, she said,

“We created Pad-Up Menstrual Kits to solve several challenges that African women face during their period, but most importantly, to reduce the level of exposure to chemicals in some disposable pads. Our sanitary pads are 100% chemical free. Many women/girls are becoming conscious of what they put on their body. Some people would not want sanitary pads that are made of chemicals or polythene. We have different bodies and your ability to tolerate some chemicals differs from others.” The idea of also creating the reusable sanitary pads is to help solve the problems of lack of sanitary pads that most girls/women in the rural and low income communities face. Disposable sanitary pads are available, but not everyone can afford to procure it every month, especially for families where there are more than 2 girls. The parents usually find it difficult because of inadequate funds to include sanitary pads as part of their monthly expenses".

Some staff @ Pad-Up Creations Limited


The director of research and development in Pad-Up Creations limited, Dr. Philip Onwuka added

” Most of the girls in rural and low income communities does not have access to sanitary pads. Most of them improvise using dry grasses, leaves, feathers, rags or foams to take care of their period, which exposes them to infections. Some of them get bullied at schools when these materials fall off or even stain them. We created the Pad-Up Menstrual Kit-Washable and reusable sanitary pads as a sustainable solution for women/girls"

The new product certification is intended to serve as a rigorous, reliable signal for consumers, including NGO’s, families, educators, corporate organizations who procure and distribute our reusable sanitary pads as part of their corporate social responsibility and Government Agencies. It will sound pleasing to anyone looking for evidence of technology and research-based products.

The Director of Product development Pharm Mary Yakubu added that the company has many other products as a sanitary company though the menstrual pads are more popular due to the need and demand. The company also produce sanitary wipes, nursing pads, menstrual belts, panty liners, and padded pants. "We are developing new products to serve two critical hygiene challenges in the society. It will be announced soon. We are currently testing the prototype and that will take about 6 months'. She added

The Director of business development in Pad-Up Creations Limited Dr Rukkaya Musa added that having a good understanding of what value your product offers is key to penetrating the market. She added that the company has been able to freely gain entrance and immediate acceptance in 15 African countries.

The company was a grant awardee in 2016 by the Tony Elumelu entrepreneurship foundation program. In 2018, the quality of their impact motivated the British council Nigeria to select them for the grow it grant. Pad-Up Creations Limited won the crowd vote in the global pitch competition in 2018. The company did not give up on their focus for excellence. In 2 years of operation in 2018, the Tony Elumelu foundation awarded the CEO of the company the most impactful entrepreneur of 2018 while the US embassy Nigeria selected her for the Mandela Washington Fellowship in the same 2018. She was also awarded Outstanding woman entrepreneur of the year in 2019 by FEENi. Like a vision driven organisation, the demand for uncompromising commitment to social change accelerated the company's award as a first runner up in the ACT foundation change makers award in 2019 and WIP program sponsored by OXFAM in 2019.

The company has been featured on BBC, VOA, Channels, Deutsche Welle, Euronews, RadioNigeria, The Nations newspaper, and lots more.

The research and development team are working daily on products improvements and development of new innovations. They are committed to delivering innovative sanitary solutions in Africa. The company has a vision to see every girl/woman having access to sanitary pads irrespective of their economic class.

Pad-Up Creations Limited is located at Zone C49 Farm Centre, Minna, Niger state, Nigeria. Their website is with contacts: +2347030065618 +2348036162488. The email:

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