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Pad-up menstrual kits are washable and reusable sanitary pads, which provide effective protection to you for a minimum period of 1 year. We are going to explore the Luxury Kits today.


Luxury kit is a unique pack of 5 Pads and one storage bag for effectively storing the pads for the next period cycle. With the storage bag you can safely store your sanitary pads, easily find them in one place, for easy carriage on long voyage, keep them from exposure to foreign bodies and ensure your privacy.  The storage bag makes it unique.


Now tell me what else you are looking for when these pads meet your need for

  • air to continuously flow into your system- it’s breathable,
  •  carefully chosen leak- proof materials,
  • with high absorbent rate,
  • Has snap buttons that fastens beneath the pants.
  • Super thin for your comfort.
  • Friendly with any soap or detergent

Yeeeeeh! With this I don’t need to feel itchy and anxious during my period anymore. With the introduction of Pad-Up menstrual kits no more worries, no more itchy here itchy there. But come oh, how do I use it?


And the best part is that the cleaning process isn't hard, or even very unsettling.  Just pick your best detergent or soap and wash at ease. Now remember this, the fact that this sound new to you, learning that just because things may feel foreign to you doesn't mean they're scary or difficult to master. Being able to make a simple choice like switching to Pad-Up menstrual kits empowers you to keep finding ways to live better. Also, you should know that using cloth actually makes one  feel cleaner, in control of the level of chemicals your body is exposed to, and chemically induced infection.

I can't wait to explore the next product, join me tomorrow for another exciting brand you cannot do without.heart



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