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In December, 2018, Pad-Up Creations team participated in the intraAfrica trade fair organised by the Africa export and import bank. It was an awesome experience as we had different people from all parts of the world appreciate the work we do at Pad-Up Creations and the Pad-Up Menstrual kits we produce as a sustainable solution for women and girl, especially those in rural and low income communities.


Our stand which was in hall 3, had different people from different parts of the world visit. We had Christine from Namibia who also wanted to be our product distributor in her country. She was so excited seeing the product and said more about how the Pad-Up Menstrual kits will change the lives of many in Namibia. She also bought and used the product. The major fear that many had is the ability to wash the pads clean again. But she had this to say,"I used the Pad-Up Menstrual Kit, and the pads washed so clean." This is a big confirmatiuon of the quality we offer.

Thinking of what to do now???Just switch to Pad-Up Menstrual kit.heartheart

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