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  • Jul, 04 2019 21:19
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Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Education they say is power, but what happens when you are not educated? Education nowadays is the bedrock of our present day society, when you are uneducated the social society believes that you cannot make tangible suggestions that will improve them.

What is sex education?

Sex education is the process of giving the information about sex, its techniques, how it is practiced and its health implications. In Nigeria, 98% of children are not been taught enough about sex education, both at home and in school. Even if they are been taught in school, they are not been taught in details because most teachers shy away from talking abou sex not because they might not want to but because the teachers themselves were not taught properly from their tender age. 

Why sex education?

During the adolescent stage, due to lack proper training on what sex is all about when the child starts to notice changes, he/she tries to explore him/herself, trying every means to please the body's sexual desire, some adolescents go as far as masturbating themselves. Children who grow having very strict parents cannot open up to their parents on what they are passing through by so doing, they end up telling the wrong individual they feel they can open up to leading into sexual abuse and molestations and so many sexual violences.

In most cases, the girl child suffers it the most, many girls have been taken advantage of due to improper orientation they have about sex and its practices. Some of these girls indulge in sexual activities due to peer influence all in the name of trying to belong, before they know it, they have become sexual addictsy because they were not given the proper orientation on how they can manage the adolescent/puberty stage.

It's time for action!

We all need to get up to the task of teaching our children about sexual education. Everything they need to know about puberty and adolescent stage should be taught right before they get to the age of puberty because they need to be informed so as not to get deformed. It's time to take action. Why not join this action train now!

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