The Girl Child - It's Time to Take Action!

  • May, 23 2019 16:50
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Imagine being born in a family of 15 children - 9 girls and 6 boys, growing up with no adequate parental love and care. Having a three square meal is a problem, leaving every child to cater for him/herself at a very tender age.

This is the case of Aisha who grew up to be a hustler, having no access to good education, social amenities not to talk of having a social life. Her siblings had no time for each other that much because they are all busy hustling, trying to make life worth living.

One of the biggest challenge she faced was her menstruation. She had no orientation on how to manage her menstruation neither had she seen/used a sanitary pad. So she made use of the available materials like dry grasses, dry plantain leaves, rags and so on, exposing her to various infections. 

This is the case of many girls in Africa, there is little or no orientation about menstruation especially girls in the rural areas. Having access to sanitary pad is a very big issue affecting the girl child, making them vulnerable to molestation. How can we solve this problem, how can we see that every girl child see pride in her menstruation?

We will love to hear from you!

Tell us; what one thing do you think will be a solution to make every girl child see pride in her menstruation?

Together we can solve this, together we can put a smile on every girl's face. Join this action train!

Drop a comment below, telling us what you think will help the girld child.

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