The Girl Child 1 - Effects of Poor Sex Education

  • May, 14 2019 16:11
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Comprehensive sex education has provoked diverse opposition, both at the grass roots and most especially in the organized ranks of the religious rights. Its critics argue that when it comes to teaching children about sex, the public schools should convey one message only which is abstinence. A growing number of teenagers are engaging in sex and suffering its harmful consequences. It will be so foolish of the society if we deny the fact not to make sex education a task both as parents, in schools, social organizations and in religious institutions to help our teenagers and youths survive this great menace.

In most cases, the girl child suffers the most harm when it comes to the issue of sexual violence which results in reproductive issues, dropout from school, mental depression, low self-esteem among others. This brings me to ask this question; 'Is it a crime to be born female? Why must girls have to suffer so much embarssment and shame? 

Most houses in Nigeria, you don't dare talk about sex education. It is being seen as a taboo probably because it is one of the most religeous countries. But how can we be so religeous and watch our children suffer, how can we fold our hands and allow the future of our young girls being thwarted? Don't you know that this young girls have great potentials to become great women of valor tommorow?

We now pay more attention to the future of the girls than the process to the future of the girls, we don't want to know if the girl is has challenges emotionally, mentally, physically or even with her sexual well being; all we want to see is how she will graduate from the university (if at all she is in school), how she will secure a good job, get married and so on without we looking into the procedures, the stages, the steps involved for them to get to this peak we want them to grow to, by so doing we allow our children to explore the world all by themselves without them knowing what the world really is, leavng the girl child to get bad coaches who are willing to teach what the world is in a negative way. Out of exploring the world, they get raped, molested, trafficed or even killed as the case maybe.

We all need to get up to the task of teaching our children most especially the girl child what they should espect during puberty, how to manage their menstruation, what sex is all about, the main purpose why God created sex, effects of pre-marital sex, what to do to avoid rape, seuxual infections and lots more. The earlier we start teaching them all these, the better it is to secure the future our children-especially; The Girl Child.


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